Location: Europe Tour 2016
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Tour Highlights:

Enjoy The Best Of Europe

United Kingdom: London

The Netherlands: Amsterdam, Lisse, The Hague

Germany: Cologne,

Austria: Wattens, Innsbruck

Italy: Venice, Florence, Rome, The Vatican, Pisa

Switzerland: Lake Como,Stoosbahn ,Jungfrau Interlaken (Optional), Lucerne

France: Paris

Your Sightseeing Includes

United Kingdom


Ride on London Eye

Entrance to Madame Tussaud’s wax Museum.

Guided City tour of London with changing of the guards (On days when this takes place)

Free time at Oxford Street.

The Netherlands


Visit Keukenhof ( Till 13 th May)- Largest Spring garden in the world.

The Hague:

Visit Madurodam (14 th May onwards)


Photostop at the Windmills

Visit Dam Square

Canal Cruise

Visit Cheese Farm & Clog Shoe Factory



Visit Cologne Cathedral


River Rhine Cruise


Seine River Cruise




Visit Swarovski Crystal World


Orientation tour of Innsbruck



St. Marks Square and Basilica

Murano Glass Showroom

Gondola Ride


Guided Tour of Florence

The Vatican:

Visit Vatican Museum

Sistine Chapel and St Peter’s Basilica


Trevi Fountain

Photo stop at Colosseum

Guided city tour of Rome


Field of Miracles

Lake Como with Boat Cruise ( New Inclusion)



Orientation Tour of Lucerne

Lake Lucerne Cruise

Jungfrau: ( Optional)

“Top of Europe” a wonderful world of glaciers and eternal ice.

Interlaken:( Optional)

Visit Interlaken

Funicular Railway to Stoosbahn ( New Attraction)



Guided City Tour of Paris

Eiffel Tower (2nd level)


Day 1: Begin Your Tour • Arrive London • Ride on London Eye

Welcome to your  European Classical Super Saver tour.The tour representative greets you at the hotel lobby (check in after 14:00 hrs).London is an irresistible package of modern metropolis and timeless tradition, which makes it one of the most exciting destinations in the world! We have the day at leisure as we give sightseeing a miss for today to recover from the long flight.

Later enjoy a hot sumptuous dinner. (D)

Over night at Holiday Inn Express or Similar


Day 2: In London • Guided City Tour of London • Ride London Eye

Well rested and well stuffed with a wholesome breakfast as we are, we kickstart our London visit with a guided tour of the city that takes us past all the memorable monuments and structures of the town including popular attractions such as the Hyde Park, the Piccadily Circus, the Trafalgar Square, Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, the Westminster Abbey, the Buckingham Palace (also witness the Change of Guard ceremony at the palace depending on operational technicalities), the London Bridge, the Tower Bridge, etc.

We then take a short break to feast upon a delicious lunch before heading to yet another popular

London attraction, the London Eye. While the guided tour offers close-up views of the architectural monuments, the giant wheel that is the London Eye, offers a spectacular bird’s eye view of the town and it’s monumental structures like the Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Palace, St Paul’s Cathedral, the Gherkin, the Shard, etc. and the adjoining River Thames. The 30-minute ride ensures that you get your fill of London’s cityscape while the climate-controlled capsules warrant a comfortable ride.


We then grab our dinner and head back to our hotel to get a good night’s sleep. (B, L, D)

Over night at Holiday Inn Express or Similar


Day 3: In London • Visit Madame Tussauds • Free Time @ Oxford Street • Overnight Ferry To Hook Of Holland.

Day 3 of our trip is going to be the only star-studded day of the trip and we obviously don’t want to be late for our meet-n-greet with the stars. So, we quickly chow down our breakfast and head to the Madame Tussauds Wax Museum. With 14 interactive zones and over 300 life-like wax figures, you are sure to find yourself entrapped in the world of stardom. You could sip on a cup of tea with Her Majesty the Queen, join the Royals at the Royal Balcony, embark upon an intergalactic journey with the Star Wars setup, strike a pose with Hollywood bigwigs, click selfies with sports legends and a lot more.

Then, grab a quick lunch and head on to the Oxford Street because, obviously, our trip to London would be incomplete without a shopping excursion at England’s hottest shopping street. With the

street well explored and pockets considerably lighter,Drive to Harwich to board your Overnight cruise ferry to Hook of Holland. Traveling in a ferry across the North Sea is sheer indulgence! Treat yourself to a world class maritime experience, sailing in totalcomfort. Enjoy dinner onboard the ferry. (B, L, D on board)

DAY 04: Ferry disembarkation – Visit Kuekenhof or Madurodam | Visit Cheese Farm and Clog Shoe factory | Visit Dam Square | Canal Cruise | Photo Stop at Windmill | Antwerpen

After enjoying yet another meal on water, aka, a lavish breakfast, check-out of the ferry, clear our immigration and head straight to our first sightseeing spot of the day….. the very beautiful Keukenhof Garden in Lisse. Planted over an expanse of 79 acres, the garden is a colorful sea of 800 varieties of Tulips and other spring flowers. Interspersed between these floral fields are other beautifying attractions including canals, a windmill, artistic floral displays and flower shows among others.

However, this rejuvenating ocean of flowers is only accessible from mid-March to mid-May.


Alternatively, in months when the Keukenhof Garden is off limits, we make a visit to another equally beautiful yet strikingly unique park…. the Madurodam Miniature Park, The Hague. As can easily be guessed from the name itself, the park houses miniature versions of several Dutch architectural landmarks, traditional Dutch houses, canals, parks, windmills, verdant fields and a lot more. What brings this miniature park to life is the addition of human figures that not only give character to this miniature world but also depicts the evolution of Dutch lifestyle over the years.

From here, head to the capital to keep up with our Amsterdam schedule making yet another pit stop at the famous Cheese Farm and Clog Factory to learn about the art of traditional cheese-making and also of the famous Dutch clogs. After this, drive along the scenic scenes of Netherlands to arrive in Amsterdam where a delicious

Indian lunch awaits us. Then, embark upon a canal cruise in a glass-topped boat that glides us past regal mansions, houseboats, bridges and a lot more giving us an eyeful of this colour and culture-rich picturesque town. But picturesque beauty isn’t all there is to this buzzing town, so head to one of the busiest town centres, the Dam Square or simply The Dam. From memorable monuments and statues to souvenir shops and restaurants to that of scores of pigeons and buskers, The Dam is a true reflection of the city’s character. Thereafter, head towards Eindhoven to check-in to the hotel for the night after a sumptuous dinner.

(B on board, L, D)

Overnight at NH Eindhoven or Similar.

Day 05 Onto Pforzheim | Visit Cologne Cathedral | Cruise On River Rhine

This morning, proceed to Cologne, the metropolis on the Rhine. On arrival, you will visit the Cathedral, the first Gothic church in the Rhineland with its characteristic spires. Later, drive to Boppard through the Rhine valley, where there are more castles than in any other river valley in the world. Enjoy a cruise along the ‘Romantic Rhine’. The stretch of river, where you can see castles, villages, and vineyards, and the Loreley and where the river valley runs through dramatically elevated hillsides. You can see a statue of the Loreley near the cliff. The scenery is actually stunning. After dinner, check in to your hotel in the Rhineland Area. ( B,L,D)

Over night at Europa Garni or Similar

Day 6 Onto Innsbruck | Visit Mercedes Benz Museum | Visit Swarovski Crystal Worlds |Orientation Tour of Innsbruck

Today start your day with journey through more than 130 years of fascinating automotive history – and on into the future. Visit the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart and you will be entering the only place in the world capable of documenting the unbroken history of the automobile from its very beginning. Transporting you to a height of 34 metres, the museum lift will take you on a journey back in time – to the year 1886. For this is where the legend begins, with the pioneering invention of Gottlieb Daimler and Carl Benz – the automobile. Few inventions have made such an impact on the human world.

We proceed to our next destination… Wattens, where we embark upon what’s truly the most dazzling experience of our life as we visit the renowned museum, Swarovski Crystal Worlds. While the giant head, or simply The Giant, with water pouring out of its mouth is what pops in our heads when talking about the crystal museum, what greets us inside the Chambers of Wonder is a whole new world of sparkling crystals of varied sizes ranging from the smallest to the largest in the world. These twinkling stones are grouped together to make 16 distinct artistic installations, each designed by a different artist and each with the capability of leaving us in a stunned silence.

Later we take our expedition further to yet another country that’s effortlessly balanced between

architectural marvels and natural landscapes… Austria. Our first stop here happens to be the beautiful city of Innsbruck. Settled in the heart of the Austrian Alps, the mountains make for a dramatic backdrop for the city while the pastel-hued houses lining the banks of the green-watered River Inn add to the city’s aesthetic beauty. After having taken in our share of the surrounding natural beauty and grabbing a yummy and filling lunch, we begin the orientation tour wandering past The Golden Roof or the Goldenes Dachl-an ornate Gothic balcony erected by Emperor Maximilian I in the 15th century, the Imperial Church and the Hofburg or the Imperial Palace. Later we proceed to restaurant for Dinner. ( B,PL,D)

Over Night at Hotel Alpine or Similar

Day 7 : Onto Padova • Visit St. Mark’s Square • Gondola Ride • Visit Murano Glass Showroom (When Open)

It’s now time to plunge into the world of art and religious history as we make our way into Italy. If you ever fancied time travel, today would be the closest you come to living up to your fantasy as we head for the City of Canals (and also palaces), Venice. With its appearance virtually unchanged for the last 600 years, Venice is more a city out of a typical fairy-tale than a modern-day metropolis.

We check out of our hotel after breakfast and drive to Padova (with one comfort stop in between) where we make a pit stop for an appetizing Indian lunch before heading for Tronchetto. Here we

board a cruise to glide romantically past dreamy palaces, through incredible miniature canals to the Piazza San Marco (St. Mark’s Square), dubbed as the ‘finest drawing room in Europe’ by Napoleon, courtesy of the forever carnival-like vibe it gave off. With it being the only public Square in the city, Napoleon’s phrase is still an apt description for the Square. Here is the popular St. Mark’s Basilica.

Standing next to this Byzantine-style basilica is the Gothic-style Doge’s Palace. Now a museum, the palace houses some of the finest examples of the ionic Murano glass and also of Venetian art.

We also make a visit to the famous Murano Glass Showroom (When Open) to get a glimpse of the glassblowing process of this iconic ancient Venetian craft that ranges from sculptures to vases to bowls to jewellery.

And because these beautiful pieces are so hard to resist, you can even purchase a few collectables. Hereafter, we go on yet another water voyage with the Gondola ride along the Bridge of Sighs that connects the Doge’s Palace at the square to its prison. Contended with our day’s expedition, we begin our return journey to Tronchetto by boat where we will be served a delicious dinner. We then check into our hotel in Padova to finish off our day. (B, L, D)

Overnight at NH Padova or Similar

Day 8 : Onto Prato • Visit Square of Miracles – Pisa • Guided City Tour of Florence

It’s kind of an unwritten mandate that you ought to see the architectural marvel that is The Leaning Tower in Pisa while touring through Italy. So, we kickstart our day with a visit to Pisa’s wondrous Square of Miracles with its exemplary Pisan-Romanesque architectural structures-the Baptistery,the Cathedral and the leaning Bell Tower, the characteristic tilt of which is what marks this Square as unique. But before exploring the Square in depth, let’s just quickly grab our lunch.

We then drive through a picturesque stretch of olive groves and vineyards to Florence, a shrine to the wonders of the Renaissance. Here, we begin our guided city tour to take in the beauty of the architectural treasures including the world’s fourth-largest Cathedral and Florence’s tallest building, the Duomo. The magnanimity of its scale juxtaposed with the beauty of its design gives this monument

its overwhelming character. Standing beside this is the Florence Baptistery with its iconic ‘Gate to Paradise’- a pair of gilded bronze doors that have now become an icon of Renaissance art-and also the open-air gallery in the Signoria Square, the city’s oldest standing bridge, Ponte Vecchio and more.

Bringing the day to an end, we proceed to our hotel where a delicious dinner is laid out for us before

we finally call it a night. (B, L, D)

Overnight at Arezzo – Hotel Park or Similar

Day 9: In Rome • Visit Vatican Museum, Sistine Chapel & St. Peter’s Basilica • Guided City Tour of Rome • Visit Trevi Fountain

There couldn’t have been a better way to end our Europe exploration than a city of absolute ancient beauty and a mysterious opulence about it… Rome. After breakfast today, we drive to Rome enjoying the aweinspiring landscapes and a comfort stop on the way. Once in Rome, we stuff ourselves with a sumptuous lunch and head to the smallest nation in the world that’s nestled within the very heart of Rome, The Vatican City. Call it home of the Pope or the Roman Catholic headquarters, the fact remains that you don’t really have to be a follower of either to appreciate the enormous beauty that scapes this tiny nation. Living proof of its rich cultural heritage are the monumental tributes to Renaissance art. There is the Vatican Museum, world’s largest museum complex that houses priceless treasures in the form of paintings, sculptures, tapestries and a variety of other depictions of Renaissance art).

Next up is the Sistine Chapel famous for the Michelangelo ceiling. One look and you’ll know that this artistic masterpiece is worth all the buzz. And the last gem to be discovered at the Vatican City also happens to be one of the world’s largest churches, St. Peter’s Basilica, which houses the tomb of St. Peters under the high altar.

Hereon begins our guided tour of the astounding ancient beauty that is the city of Rome. Be it the drive past the mighty triumphal Arch of Constantine or past the Circus Maxima-the biggest stadium in ancient Rome-or the drive through Piazza Venezia-a busy hub of the city-one can’t help but marvel over the sheer grandiose of Roman architecture. Further reminders of the same come our way as we pass by the Colosseum and the ruins of the Roman Forum.

Our tour ends at the city’s most iconic pieces of art, the Trevi Fountain, which simply put is a dreamy and magical sight. What adds to the ethereal vibe of this magnanimous structure are the great examples of Baroque art-the sea-god Neptune, winged horses and allegorical figures.

Exhilarated yet exhausted with the day’s share of artistic thrills, we proceed back to hotel where a hot indian dinner awaits us. (B, L, D)

Overnight at Arezzo – Hotel Park or Similar

Day 10 :- Onto Bellinzona, Switzerland | Boat Ride at Lake Como

The thing about long drives is that they often tend to be tiring. It’s a good thing then that we have

panoramic stretches of meadows, mountains, fields and rivers to keep our minds and bodies refreshed. After breakfast today, we drive to Switzerland en-route visit Lake Como. Enjoy a Boat ride on Lake Como where you will have the opportunity to admire its glimpses of rare beauty and take some terrific pictures.

The Lake Como is the third largest lake in Italy for size, after Lake Garda and Lake Maggiore, and it is considered one of the most important natural treasures of northern Italy.

After a unique picturesque tour of Lake Como we proceed to Bellinzona the southernmost capital of Switzerland the fortifications of Bellinzona are among the most important examples of medieval defensive architecture in the Alps, and have been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since the year 2000. ( B,PL,D)

Over night at Hotel Bellinzona Sud or Similar

Day 11 :- Onto Central Switzerland | Visit Stoosbahn | Funicular Railway to Stoosbahn | Orientation Tour of Lucerne | Lake Lucerne Cruise

Today we proceed to Schwyz for an ultimate experience for ride on the steepest funicular train in the world is an adventure in itself. Free time at Stoos is an delightful alpine landscape at the foot of the Fronalpstock mountain, on a sunny alpine plateau of the same name at about 1300 m.

We then continue to journey through the blissful natural beauty the Swiss lands have to offer to reach a city that perfectly fits the bill for a cliched romantic Swiss destination. Enter: Lucerne! With no time to waste, we start off our orientation tour exploring the picturesque mountains, lakes, cowbells, alpine villages and meadows, the poignant Lion Monument, the covered, wooden Kapellbrücke (chapel bridge) and the ornate Jesuit Church. Bringing some relief to the compulsive shopper, we also spend some time here to load ourselves with Swiss souvenirs.

Making this romantic journey even more endearing, we cruise on the blue waters of Lake Lucerne, which is a perfect way to witness Lucerne’s scenic charms.

( B,L,D)

Over Night at Dorint Airport / Swiss Star / Globa Conti / a-ja Zürich. Das City-Resort or Similar

Day 12 :- In Switzerland | Optional Visit to Jungfraujoch & Orientation Tour of Interlaken

Today, you have the day at leisure, to explore the neighbourhood or simply laze around in the hotel to relieve yourself of the exhaustion that the past few days have brought along.Alternatively, after breakfast, take advantage of our optional excursion to the Jungfraujoch, the ‘Top of Europe’, a wonderful world of glaciers and eternal ice. Reach the highest altitude railway station in Europe by a charming, red cogwheel train, amid stunning and dramatic mountain scenery ! What could be more tempting in this icy cold scenario than a hot Indian lunch!


Walk on the great Aletsch Glacier. Visit the Sphinx Observation Terrace, at 3571. The new cinema experience and the new Alpine sensation are attractions, en route to the glistening Ice Palace. Descend to visit the popular holiday resort of Interlaken, cradled cosily between the beautiful Lakes of Brienz and Thun, where even today you see horse-drawn carriages.

Indulge in some shopping. Next to a virtually unlimited selection of watches and jewellery, every store carries a vast array of small famous brand gifts and souvenirs, priced for every pocket.

(B, D or PD)

Over Night at Dorint Airport / Swiss Star / Globa Conti / a-ja Zürich. Das City-Resort or Similar

Guest not opting for Jungfrau Optional will have lunch at their own


Day 13 :- Onto Paris

Today relaxed long drive will take you towards the glamour city of Paris, a global center for art,

fashion, gastronomy, and culture. On arrival, check in to the hotel.


Overnight @ Hotel Mercure or Similar

Day 4 : In Paris Visit Montmartre | Guided City Tour of Paris | Visit Eiffel Tower ( 2nd Level)| Seine River Cruise

Renowned for its romantic charms, its multi-layered character and its monumental beauty, Paris is hardly the place to need an introduction.

After breakfast today, we visit Montmartre is a district full of authentic charm, famous for the Sacré Coeur basilica and a magnificent view of Paris. Take the funicular to the top of Montmartre hill. After visiting the basilica, visitors enjoy strolling around this historic area. Later we set for our guided city tour of the capital seeing and learning about its architectural and cultural treasures. Starting our tour at the Trocadero Square, we continue to marvel at the architectural excellence of the city with structures such as the pyramid of the Louvre, Garnier’s Opera (the largest opera theatre in the world), the Place de la Concorde (the site of the infamous guillotine) the Champs Élysées (one of the most fashionable streets in the world), the Napoleonic Arc de Triomphe, the Alexander Bridge and the Hotel des Invalides among others.

We then feast upon a delicious lunch before visiting city’s most iconic landmark, the Eiffel Tower. What earns this wrought iron lattice tower all its popularity is the sheer magnanimity of the structure that is known for the humbling effects it has on mere mortals. Then there is the panoramic city view that you get while atop the tower which we shall be visiting up to the second level. While the on-road tour is certainly the key to getting the city’s real feel, it’s a whole different experience (both surreal and magical at the same time) to absorb in the city’s character while sailing on the Seine River. So, we take a cruise down the famous river that allows us to grab marvelous views of many Parisian highlights including the recently-visited Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, the Musée

d’Orsay, Notre Dame, etc. We bring our day to a close by indulging ourselves in a yummy dinner and head straight to the hotel to wade off the day’s exhaustion. (B, L, D)

Overnight @ Hotel Mercure or Similar

Day 15 : Homeward Bound

And just like that our fabulous journey of our “Cox and Kings – Classical tour” comes to an end, sooner than we would have liked. With our bags neatly packed and our souvenirs all stacked up, we enjoy one last breakfast on foreign lands. With wonderful memories of the trip and renewed plans of another visit, we head to the airport (on own) to board our flight back home. (B)

Note : Please note that this tour may run with an altered flow due to operational constraints.

Package Price : US$2350 per person for adult on twin sharing for 21st Jun 2019 Group Tour


Departure Dates

June 2019 :- 7,14,21,28

July 2019 :- 5,12,19,26

August 2019 :-2,9,16,23

September 2019 :-6,13,20,27



1) Accommodation at the hotels mentioned or similar.

2) Services of Cox & Kings Tour Manager or Local Representative.

3) Meals, coach transfers, entrance fees, excursions, sightseeing and surface transportation as

mentioned in the itinerary.

4) Compulsory Tips of EUR 3 per person per day. 5) Service of Tour Manager



1) Any Airfare / Visa Charges and Insurance /Medical.

2) Optional & Add-on Excursions unless mentioned otherwise.

3) Hotel surcharges (if applicable) during high / festive season to be paid extra per person.

4) Porterage at hotels, apartment, airports, seaports, tips, laundry, wines, mineral water, telephone

charges, all items of personal nature and also food & drinks not forming part of the touring group’s


5) Anything not specifically mentioned in “What Your Tour Price Includes” box.